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Song of the Week- Organized Konfusion “Stress”

Pharaohe Monch & Prince Po together as Organized Konfusion are a force. Stress: Extinction Agenda is easily, hands down one of my top albums of all time. Plain/Simple. Concept, flow, lyrics, street, smart.

Warning to record execs, wack emcee’s, and pay-to-play radio stations, lyrics include:

"Why do you choose to mimic these wack MC's?
Why do you choose to listen to R&B?
Why must you believe somethin is fat
Just because it's played on the radio, 20 times per day?"


Song of the Week

Looking ahead to this coming weekend, we offer you the real resurrection. Common Sense’s (yes, when he still had the sense) Resurrection.

Classic material from a classic album. Cheers.