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How to Annoy Me with Your Email

I’ve had an email account for almost twenty years and I’m a software developer by day, as such I get a lot of email. Over the years I’ve developed a system of sorting and have a bunch of folders that handle a lot of annoyances that might fill up my inbox.

Inbox 22198 messages

I don't do Inbox Zero

I also switch jobs every couple of years which means I don’t have the same level of rules and organization for work email. In fact my current 9 to 5 limits me to 500mb of email (yes I realize that 1994 called and they want their harddrive back). This means that I have to manually scan each email that arrives in my inbox. Here are a few things that will make me flip off my monitor and mock you behind your back.
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Song of the Week

Looking ahead to this coming weekend, we offer you the real resurrection. Common Sense’s (yes, when he still had the sense) Resurrection.

Classic material from a classic album. Cheers.