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Tuesday Forecast

Well, here you go. A little too much for me to break down but sort through and take some listens. Some new, some old, some in between. Boooooom.



Free Early Album Release: Quelle Chris “Niggas Is Men” (Until Friday Only)

Where’s the new hip hop? Leave it to MelloMusicGroup. They’re doing a free early release of Quelle Chris’s new album Niggas Is Men, “the idea is to jump-start the new project and let people start spreading the word about the project & Quelle Chris.” But after Friday you’ll have to pay cash money for it, don’t get caught sleepin. The project also features some CFC favorites Fresh Daily and Tanya Morgan.


Tuesday Forecast (It’s A Big One)

Damn. Big one this week. Scroll through and check ‘em out. Besides the obvious, Nas and Frank Ocean, I’m really digging Motel Mari and Murs did a collabo with a graphic novel! Then there’s the Alchemist, Piano Overlord (Prefuse 73), Com Truise, and on and on…




Murs and Josh Braylock- Yumiko. Available from AccessHipHop