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Missed Out: READ MORE’s Show @ Ditch Projects


For obvious reasons I try to keep up with my favorite artists, for unobvious reasons I completely missed out on hearing about Reader’s newest gallery show (granted it was in Springfield, OR (?)). Luckily, better late than never, I came across a post about it at Vandalog. Reader, Read More, OYE, Rancour, Boans, Books etc. etc. is killing it, inside and out.

You can also check out photos of the whole show at Ditch Projects.


Dave Kinsey Opening @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Dave Kinsey was pretty hot on the graffiti/street art/blah blah scene a few years ago with his gestural portraits with blasts of color (similar/different from Doze Green). His style was pretty instantly recognizable for better or worse, it was great but I was also unsure how he’d progress and push it further. He’s been seemingly laying low for awhile but now he’s back with an opening thursday, December 13th at the Joshua Liner Gallery in nyc. FecalFace has a little sneak peak and Kinsey’s new work looks kinetically awesome, it’s great to see he’s still putting out such dynamic work. Check out more @ FecalFace.


Co-opted and Commodified

I’m going to call this out and say this looks like a corporate stunt, looking to mooch publicity off of the “controversy” of “street art” (all quotes specifically intended).

I personally approve of making dough off of anything. Especially street art. Co-opt to the max. But I’m also pretty broke and would just like the money.

[ed. note- just realized this is outside a gallery in Paris. Same thing, all of the above still applies.]


The Vandal’s Bedroom

Henrik Haven sent some pics to fecalface of a new Todd James (aka Reas) exhibit for the gallery V1 in Copenhagen. The Vandals Bedroom is insane and a little bit of a wet dream for any graffiti ‘enthusiast’. Check out the fecalface post on it to get a grip more pics with a ton of close ups of the black book pages featuring that REAS charm.


Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st!!!! And Klughaus Pop-Up Shop

 June 21st is Go Skateboarding Day. No matter where you are, grab your board and go. But if you’re in nyc it’s definitely an amazing experience to skate with so many thousands. This is definitely the year’s best holiday. Check the site to see what’s going on near you.

Also in collaboration with Go Skateboarding Day Klughaus gallery is doing a pop up shop. I’m really sad to miss this one especially since there’s going to be a bunch of dope art/graffiti zines only sold there. Check out their site for all the brands and artists participating.