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Mysteries of the Unexplained – excerpts from a book of the bizarre
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“copcar dot com, the largest police car photographic museum in the world”
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All I Want For Christmas Is Links

Confused Pig
The Harvest, a book concerning UFOs, Hidden Government, Illuminati, The Annunaki
Mormon-Centric Utah Epicenter For Food Storage
The Best of Code Switch in 2013
Strictly Beats – instrumental hip-hop mixtapes
Northern Soul Girl Dances to HAPPY – Pharrell vs Northern Soul
Parisian graffiti block “Graffiti Generale” preserved in digital 3d ahead of demolition


Missed Out: READ MORE’s Show @ Ditch Projects


For obvious reasons I try to keep up with my favorite artists, for unobvious reasons I completely missed out on hearing about Reader’s newest gallery show (granted it was in Springfield, OR (?)). Luckily, better late than never, I came across a post about it at Vandalog. Reader, Read More, OYE, Rancour, Boans, Books etc. etc. is killing it, inside and out.

You can also check out photos of the whole show at Ditch Projects.


Two Bill O’Reilly Books

On a recent trip to a brick & mortar bookstore (yea I’m old school, I even have a landline), I saw two books by Bill O’Reilly prominently featured. The first about the assassination of Lincoln, the second about the assassination of Kennedy. Knowing the vile, racist, conservative opinions espoused by O’Reilly (encouraged by his employer Fox News) I find it interesting and ironically fitting that his two books are both about the assassination of two prominent progressive leaders who were also known for their stance on civil rights.

It begs the question, why is Oreilly writing about progressive presidents who were assassinated?



Weapon of Mass Instruction Art Car

Sometimes people have crazy ideas. Sometimes people have lots of drive. Rarely someone has both. When I come across things like this I actually start to believe we can, as individuals or as a group, really change lives and make living livable. Awesome.

From MakeZine.com-

“Raul Lemesoff, an Argentine art-car artist, has taken a 1979 Ford Falcon that used to belong to the Argentine armed forces and turned into a ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction.’ Armed with 900 or so books Lemesoff travels the streets of Buenos Aires and beyond offering free books to all. He sees his ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’ as a “contribution to peace through literature.”


Argentina - Raul Lemesoff(From Raul Lemesoff Flickr)

(From LaughingSquid.com)