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R.I.P. Dave Brubeck

I imagine most have heard that jazz legend Dave Brubeck passed away yesterday. I was thinking about it and it’s kind of interesting, “Take 5″ is arguably one of the most well known, recognizable jazz numbers ever. You hear so much about Miles Davis and John Coltrane but if you ask someone to name one of their songs you’ll probably get a bunch of mumbling. Unfortunately Brubeck, as popular as he was, didn’t get rock star status cuz he wasn’t a crazy eccentric personality and/or beat his wife. He was a standard in jazz and created jazz standards. As it too often goes, maybe in his death interest will rise again. Cheers, Mr. Brubeck.


R.I.P. Tracy 168, True Legend

Tracy 168 T2B

Wildstyle (complex, interconnecting graffiti lettering) innovator Tracy 168 passed on this morning. He was a true New York legend whose influence is incalculable.


The Vandal’s Bedroom

Henrik Haven sent some pics to fecalface of a new Todd James (aka Reas) exhibit for the gallery V1 in Copenhagen. The Vandals Bedroom is insane and a little bit of a wet dream for any graffiti ‘enthusiast’. Check out the fecalface post on it to get a grip more pics with a ton of close ups of the black book pages featuring that REAS charm.