Politicians Have Daddy Issues

I read an article on Slate.com that pointed out many politicians appear to have “daddy issues.” This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. While in office politicians often have to deal with neglectful, absent and abusive fathers.

Lobbyists play both sides of the aisle, show up randomly and hope that the money they give you will make up for lost time and try to sway you to support their cause. They are similar to the dads who say, “Don’t tell your siblings but you are my favorite and I think you have the best chance.”

The financial industry conjures up images of a strung out dad showing up saying, “If you just help me out, just this one time, I’ll quit.” Only to come home six weeks later to find that’s he’s fenced your iPod.

The article implies that poor fatherly influences may have a positive impact on politicians by making them more sympathetic to others or thrusting them into leadership roles early in life. The other possibility mentioned is that their childhood creates a need to be loved.

I’d argue that it just nurtures a continuation of the neglect and abuse they suffered as children.



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