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Writer Highlight- Sigh

For this installment we bring you the southern gentleman, Sigh. It’s funny cuz I came into his work knowing nothing about him and just randomly stumbled upon a piece of his while on a 3 hour stop through Richmond. Then I started seeing him more and more up on freights and realized I’d seen him before. Apparently some haters call him a biter but style is style and what writer didn’t come up copying others until it became their own? Nothing new under the sun. Sigh colors outside the lines and got style and puts in work. Done.


Photo by thos


Photo by DirtyRotten2012


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Writer Highlight- Pref

Dear Mr. Peter Preffington, Doooooope. Sincerely, the World.

This man is a style king. The clean lines, color schemes, letter style. It’s all there. But then BOOM, the concept smacks you silly just long enough after you’ve been able to dribble out a “oh that looks cool.” Most writers have troubles with one word at a time, Pref attacks it exponentially. Simple/Complex. All flicks from his Flickr

Pref It’s Just A Word

turn up the heat
Turn Up The Heat

The double
The Double

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Writer Highlight- Swet One

Coming straight outta Denmark. Reppin Copenhagen and the TWS and Fatboys crew. Swet brings the funk to his pieces. Clean lines and vibrant colors. Work and play.

Swet (junes187 Flickr)


Graffiti Cph, Amager (Till C Flickr)

Swet (Sabeth718 Flicker)

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