Cinders Gallery Artist of the Month: Maya Hayuk

I’ve had a crush on Maya Hayuk for a long time. It first started when I discovered her art through Barnstormers. For the longest time I had no idea what she even looked like but I didn’t need to cuz her work did something to me and made me a giggling little school boy. It’s been years and she continues to gift the world continuously with pieces of her explosive self, big and small (murals on barns to record covers for Savath & Savalas).

The Universe II

I was super stoked to see the awesome folks at Cinders Gallery make her the artist of the month and do an interview with her. They’ve done a tremendous job of giving support/exposure to true artists like Maya and others of her ilk.

"Cinders: what is your spirit animal? Maya: a chrome dolphin."

In the interview Maya succinctly sums up her work as “play.” Which is so true. But as simple as that is so is the complexity of her patterns and lines and color. As is the implicit meaning woven into her work, subtle, not having to scream “MESSAGE!” Politics and humanity are intrinsic without labeling itself “Political”, femininity is a presence without having to state the obvious. Cinders asks her about being a female artist and she puts into words what i’ve always felt-

Cinders: can you talk about being a female artist specifically?

Maya: well, as long as women still remain second class citizens in our society, we will be referred to as “female artists” and not simply as “artists” (which implies a white male normal). i mean, how many times are male artists asked “can you talk about being a male artist?”. until women are respected as equals and their rights to proper healthcare, education and equal pay are secured, we’re still going to be living in a broken society. this affects us all (male and female).

There is so much more to Maya than could ever fit in this little ol’ blog post and I claim no part of doing her any justice, so go read the INTERVIEW for another small glimpse into her psyche!!!

And check out-

Cinders Gallery.

She has also put out a book out with Upper Playground, Just Good Vibes, has a segment in The Run Up DVD and an awesome zine with Nieves, Round the Way (with a two disc soundtrack!)


(I’ve yet to meet her but I was really stoked when I got asked to contribute art to a group show based on The Pat Roberston & Friends Coloring Book and she was amongst the other artists)


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