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Tuesday Forecast: New Music Releases

Rjd2, yes. Four Tet, definitely yes. Danny Brown, yes (especially when in the mood for feeling slightly queasy). Pusha T from the Clipse, maybe? Yet to be seen. But, it’s really good to see Truth Universal’s name pop up, been a fan of this down to earth rapper from seeing him do shows in Nola. The rest? Figure out on yer own, slackas. With love, thos.

 . . . !!!


Song of the Week- Danny Brown “Witit”

This is a Danny Brown video so you already know it’s going to be on some other ish. This time he brings the scary future to our face pen & pixel style (I know you haven’t forgot about the ingenious design team behind the No Limit album covers!!!!).

I’m also realizing that anyone under 21 probably doesn’t get the Monica Lewinsky reference.