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Tuesday Forecast: New Music Releases

Rjd2, yes. Four Tet, definitely yes. Danny Brown, yes (especially when in the mood for feeling slightly queasy). Pusha T from the Clipse, maybe? Yet to be seen. But, it’s really good to see Truth Universal’s name pop up, been a fan of this down to earth rapper from seeing him do shows in Nola. The rest? Figure out on yer own, slackas. With love, thos.

 . . . !!!


Song of the Week – Blue Print “Keep it Hot for Daddy”

This week’s song comes from the combo of RJD2 and Blueprint better known as Soul Position. “Keep it Hot for Daddy” describes what you look for in the woman you’d want to make wifey.

Warning contains the lyrics:
You know what I want. I want a good woman
I want a good lover. I want some good lovin'
Even on the humble, she still make me want her
Keep it hot for daddy, even if it ain't summer

As a bonus also check out “Hand Me Downs”