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Tuesday Forecast

Yea. Tuesday Forecast been missing for a minute. Next subject (head lowered in shame).

No cover for Blueprint’s new download? Janky. But there’s new Wye Oak and Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur), yea a couple of artists I didn’t think would be so good until I got schooled. I also hesitated with the Styles P release, I was hoping to get something more than what I expected but pretty much sticks to his safe territory of busting caps and repping his hood harder than you. Oh well. To balance it out with a before unheard of future underground emcee Fel Sweetenberg. Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother) and Roc C kind of bridge the gap between the two with their gutter indie rap.

And of course, gotta round out the forecast with some chill jazz, beats, and ethereal instrumentation. Fresh for 2014…suckaz. Peace.


Tuesday Forecast: Part 1

Last week I learned the hard way that it’s really difficult to do posts when my computer’s battery is dead as is my power cord. So, here we are with a two-parter for this week, last week’s and this week’s.



Song of the Week – Blue Print “Keep it Hot for Daddy”

This week’s song comes from the combo of RJD2 and Blueprint better known as Soul Position. “Keep it Hot for Daddy” describes what you look for in the woman you’d want to make wifey.

Warning contains the lyrics:
You know what I want. I want a good woman
I want a good lover. I want some good lovin'
Even on the humble, she still make me want her
Keep it hot for daddy, even if it ain't summer

As a bonus also check out “Hand Me Downs”