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Tuesday Forecast: New Music Releases

Rjd2, yes. Four Tet, definitely yes. Danny Brown, yes (especially when in the mood for feeling slightly queasy). Pusha T from the Clipse, maybe? Yet to be seen. But, it’s really good to see Truth Universal’s name pop up, been a fan of this down to earth rapper from seeing him do shows in Nola. The rest? Figure out on yer own, slackas. With love, thos.

 . . . !!!


Fashion Week

As one of the more fashion forward people in the world, (I mean look at the included picture) I’m reminding people that it is fashion week in NYC.
No Limit Solider


Song of the Week- Special Re-Do and Remix Edition

It’s hot. It’s the middle of the week. So we bring you temporary relief with Matt & Kim’s “Daylight.” It may ride that fine line of cute, cheesy, and poppy but damnit it makes us feel good. And in honor of that here’s a couple re-do’s and remixes.

First a stop motion video remake shot in Tokyo-

And our favorite remix from the Common Folk homies, NinjaSonik (wait for the surprise ending)-

“Tastes like chicken even though it’s not”

And of course, the original and the De La Soul Remix- Read more


Tuesday Forecast- Front of the Crates

This week the obvious stand out seems to be EL-P’s new one Cancer 4 Cure. I’m  also looking forward to a listen to Casual’s (Hieroglyphics) new one. And for you Madlib heads, a special box set of all 13 Medicine Show cd’s, honestly though I’ll probably pass on that cuz he just went overkill and I lost interest. Finally, Bruce Haack Remixes. Definitely.