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Tuesday Forecast

Oh the people can’t get enough of Flying Lotus, so here you go. Yes, I too am looking forward to it. I’m also hoping this new Zion I is more memorable than their last one cuz really, I can’t remember anything off of it which is real sad for such a innovative group. Sigh. Hype around OFTWGAXOXOZLOL has died a bit, thankfully, but Hood Internet’s Feat features some interesting pairing up with the likes of Cadence Weapon, Psalm One, Isiah Toothtaker, and more. Yep.




Oh the Wonderful Things Mr. Brown Can Do.

It’s no secret that I like Matt and Kim. I could listen to Daylight
100 times in a row and not tire of it. So I was happy to see Matt and Kim featured in the new ad for the Sony Xperia. The commercial itself is a pretty cliched theme of “my phone removes me from this world” genre that has been popular lately, but one thing in the commercial struck me as strange. The guy in the commercial is watching the new Spiderman movie on his phone. Since the movie was released in theaters only a few days ago, it isn’t available in a format playable on the phone yet. Which means only one thing.

The guy in the Sony Xperia commercial pirated the movie.


Song of the Week- Special Re-Do and Remix Edition

It’s hot. It’s the middle of the week. So we bring you temporary relief with Matt & Kim’s “Daylight.” It may ride that fine line of cute, cheesy, and poppy but damnit it makes us feel good. And in honor of that here’s a couple re-do’s and remixes.

First a stop motion video remake shot in Tokyo-

And our favorite remix from the Common Folk homies, NinjaSonik (wait for the surprise ending)-

“Tastes like chicken even though it’s not”

And of course, the original and the De La Soul Remix- Read more