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Tuesday Forecast: 10.07.2014

So, here we are. What up fam? I must say this is a pretty stellar release week as far as more out there, electronic, cosmic music. That’s a good thing. I am very curious to see if Flylo and Sbtrkt can elevate from their last releases and stay fresh. Same can be said for Caribou, Daedelus, and Hudson Mohawke too I guess. Then there’s the Heliocentrics hooking up with famed film rebel Melvin Van Peebles (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song), whaaaa? You know that’s gonna be out there.

I am not familiar with the yungin’ Bishop Nehru but he’s gotta be worth checking out if Doom decides to do his debut release as a partner. Make sure to also check out the rest of this week’s releases for some more worldly other worldy vibes, including some from Brazil and the West Indies.

Over/out. thos.


Tuesday Forecast

Oh the people can’t get enough of Flying Lotus, so here you go. Yes, I too am looking forward to it. I’m also hoping this new Zion I is more memorable than their last one cuz really, I can’t remember anything off of it which is real sad for such a innovative group. Sigh. Hype around OFTWGAXOXOZLOL has died a bit, thankfully, but Hood Internet’s Feat features some interesting pairing up with the likes of Cadence Weapon, Psalm One, Isiah Toothtaker, and more. Yep.