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Antarctica Is A Strange Place

I got really into Antarctica watering holes briefly this week.

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.Gov, Cookie, Loss

Very cool to see a friend’s company get some positive press.

A nerdy but great post wherein cookies are hated on, I for one hate browser cookies for the same reasons.

The open source software community lost a great one today. Seth Vidal the creator of Yum was killed in a hit and run accident today. Yum is an easy and elegant way to make sure your servers are up to date and his software is used on millions of computers all over the world. As a biker and a software developer this hit very close to home.

If they park this poorly can you imagine how they drive?

If they park this poorly can you imagine how they drive?


For the Trophy Wall: Mounted Handlebars

mounted handlebars mounted handlebarss

Bicycletaxidermy.com has come up with a pretty ingenious idea, though one that rides a fine line between pretentious hipster/wanna-be-cool kids and die hard bicyclists. For most people in which biking is a part of their lifestyle, they form a relationship with their bike and it takes on character and individuality. When it’s time for that trusted friend to “go to the farm” what better way to honor that buddy than by making it a trophy, always there to reminisce, displayed with pride.

via Thrillist (which also usually rides the fine line between legit and patronizing)


They Say God Can’t Be Seen

Here is proof otherwise.

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