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Colorways Zine


Colorways. As soon as I saw the name and cover I knew, Jonathan Handel (GustoNy.com) has a kindred spirit in me cuz I’ve been meaning to put together a zine in the same vein. Colorways is a dope photographic study in color and ‘street’ photography. The shit pops. But don’t take my word for it, check the whole thing out online…

by Jonathan Handel

(Put out by ALT Zines & Publishing, always support!)


Old zines, new blogs, and jams

Please don’t vomit in the taxi
Señor Wences
Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (1962-1965)
Almost everyone has committed a crime
Slavic United vs Morning of Owl | STRIFE. | R16 2013 Korean breakdancing
The Day The Ketchup Turned Blue puppet show
Afghanistan’s Girl Skaters – Kabul 2012


SF Zine Fest

znbsfzf poster 2013Fixed

If you’re in the Bay area this weekend definitely slide through and check out some goods, there’ll be more than 140 creators/exhibitors. And it’s free. Check out more @ sfzinefest.org.


Common Folk Collective @ The Seward (Mpls) Art Crawl This Weekend

Heads up to the the Minneapolis/St. Paul peeps, we’ll be at the Art in the ‘Hood (but you know it’s not hood like that) Art Crawl this Saturday and Sunday. Come down and say what’s up! There’ll also be some great CFC goodies for purchase; zines, 5×7 photo prints, and the Common Folk Journal (cough, cough, holiday gifts ya’ll).

If you know us, come say hi, if you don’t, come introduce yourself. For reals. Peeeeace. (I’ll give an update on our exact location but I know it’s in an old Coca-Cola bottling factory, or hit me up at thos @ thosart . com)