My Mama Told Me, You Better Link Around

Some work travel this week, so I’ve been a bit light on the Internets. Could you tell? Probably not. Click click click, fans.
2013 Sony World Photography Awards
Modern Daydreams: Deere John
Fluxus Games
Music for Shuffle
Karl Stockhausen’s British Lectures
Feynman Lectures on Physics
Electoral college reform
San Francisco History 1963
You can stack cars
Roadtrip Mixtape iOS app
Songs to sing through
Stuff Whisperers Say
Why Plaid
Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
Green Porno: Earthworm
Goats yelling like humans
Indian Food
Stick ‘n’ Find
Yo Dawg, I heard you liked eating dogs so…
Doesn’t she look just like Laura Palmer?
Lost With Waters
List of legally mononymous people
Mayim Bialik Explaisn Her Love of Science
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Jeopardy
Teen Tournament Conclusion
First Jeopardy Tiebreak
Apollo Robbins pickpocketing
An Open Letter to Penn & Teller


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