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I Just Don’t Get It

I surf the web a lot. I’ve got pretty advanced Google search skills. I run OnDan service where people who have my phone number will call and ask me questions since I’m almost always within reach of a computer. One thing I just won’t understand is how some people search. The case in point is this:

Search this site or the web

Search this site or the web

Who is on a website searching for information and then decides, I’ll search the web from this site rather than in the search bar or just go to Google?

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We Left This Side Blank So You Could Help

The RIAA recently claimed that despite processing nearly 50,000 requests in the last month for removing links from their search index, which by the way are often bogus, that Google isn’t doing enough.

I think Google should for one month fuck with the RIAA and take the heavy handed, shoot first ask questions later approach the RIAA endorses. Give Google a list of your artists, song and album titles and Google will remove them from all searches, including the ones to the artist’s site, Amazon, Google Play, Wikipedia, references to concerts and TV appearances.

After one month of not selling shit let’s see if the you’ll bite the hand that feeds you again.

In God We Trust, Inc.