For your coffee and orange juice in a bathrobe

Saturday! Saturday! It’s Saturday morning! Let’s click on things and read/view/listen-to them!


Payphones of the world

Cardiff Giant

Maple syrup urine disease

3D-printed building

Laws of Nature

7500 years of eating cheese, and still going strong

Varieties of British bars

Bottle cap table

New York’s vogue scene

Read up! via Bibliophiles Anonymous


Fatty Boom Boom” by Die Antwoord

Sand patterns

Make your own photo mosaics

Honorary citizen of the United States

Graffiti Alley in Philadelphia

History of canned laughter

100 year old paper planes

The Growler City Bike

Facebook Graph searches can reveal a lot more than you’d think

You are listening to

Navies of landlocked countries

Wines of Lichtenstein

Sworn virgins of Albania



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