Addendum to an Addendum: Filipino vs. Tagalog (I was wrong)

Common Folk have no quandary about calling someone out when they or something they’ve said is suspect. Nor do they shy away from owning up when they’ve made a mistake.

To this end I have to thank DCDan calling me out on trying to call out Google for using Filipino instead of Tagalog as the language of the Philippines. In my experience, I’ve only heard Tagalog used as the name and only seen sideways glares when Filipino was used in its place. But also, no excuse for ignorance. Alas, Tagalog is a language of the Philippines and one that traditionally doesn’t include words from Spanish and English but the official languages are Filipino and English. Filipino, while mostly based on Tagalog, acknowledges other languages and dialects of the country and incorporates them into the language. describes it as more like “Tagalog plus.” actually has a great post about the difference that is much more concise and informative than this round-eye could ever give.


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