Sit down with a big cup of coffee. Click some links.

Lighter than usual this week, due to some fluing going down. Things are better now thanks to lots of fluids going down. Wordplay is sort of my profession. Sort of.

Learning Creative Learning
…and a response to Learning Creative Learning
Coatis attack, steal an orange
Monkey zoo
Mannheim-Luzenberg Wiesnfest 2012 — Die Graffiti Crew
More Mannheim graffiti
Rochester abandoned subway exploration
The End of the Line
The 1859 Carrington Event
10 Fake Simpsons Words that Belong in the Dictionary
Stephen Colbert interview in Playboy
Entertaining windshield notes… for 12 pages.
100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich
881 Miles Just to Eat Hot Wings
The Boulevardier


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