Comments Usually Suck

Usually comments on blogs suck but this one I came across recently is pretty fucking awesome.
After reading a post on the dangerous exposure to chemicals at a Google office on a Superfund site. I know who’d have thought?
I spotted this:

[to be read in your best early mid-century, "mid-atlantic dialect" newsreel voice]

Captains of industry, stewards of the land, stalwart protectors of mankind are once again transforming the Valley of Heart’s Delight but this time instead of draining great aquifers and building mighty dams to satisfy a hungry nation’s appetite for canned fruit cocktail they’ve turned their attention to a new kind of crop — something you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot about. They call it the “semiconduxor”!

Once the stuff of children’s space fiction the semiconduxor promises to revolutionize the future and turn tomorrow into today… and everyday!

The boys are taking down trees and putting up factories faster than you can say “pass me another apricot, ma”. The new semiconduxors will be used, they tell us, in products ranging from electronic brains to radio receivers and even radar.

Meanwhile across town even more orchards are going the way of the dodo to make room so that every worker can have his own dream home in paradise. Why, there’s even a new automobile showroom opening up next to a pasture still used for a small herd of dairy cattle.

Hey, we’re not sure if those cows are licensed to drive!


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