Shadow Art: Sex Style. Unity by Bohyun Yoon


I’ve seen some pretty impressive shadow and reflection art projects lately and Korean artist Bohyen Yoon‘s Unity installation is amongst them. Besides the human sexuality aspect, part of the intrigue of the project is that the shadow installation is constructed of a milieu of disjointed, morphed individual pieces seemingly without context, their intent hidden until light is illuminated upon them. But even then it’s not the illuminated pieces themselves but it’s in the shadows, where the light is hidden that the shapes form together to reveal the whole and cohesive image. To the old adage that you can’t have light without dark, here the absence of light means nothing without the light and the whole means nothing without each piece being in concert with one another. Kind of like sex.

Read more and see some more photos of the installation, here.

Via, “Provocative Shadow Art Created Through Suspended Body Parts & GaksDesigns Tumblr


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