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Netflix – HBOGO and the Future

Reed Hastings always says “Netflix needs to become HBO before HBO becomes Netflix.” If the interface of HBOGO is any indication Netflix will be the Blockbuster of online video if they don’t tighten up their game.


My Plan to End Street Harassment

I have a plan to end street harassment and if I understood how Tumblr worked I would have used their tool to promote a post I came across today “My plan to end street harassment forever”. I have a much less violent way to stop street harassment of women.* There are way too many corners or construction sites in our cities that many women avoid because of the regular harassment and catcalling, which are really one in the same.

My solution is code named “OPERATION URSA MAJOR.” The plan is to gather a bunch of bears and have them hang out at the aforementioned spots. They would then whistle and catcall at the people who are usually harassing women. My guess is after a week or so the harassers would get the point.

As a reminder to the general public the only time a catcall is ever acceptable is at a wet t-shirt contest, but if you are at a wet t-shirt contest you, as a participant or viewer, should probably question your life decisions.

fire bears
via Flickr user Hope Abrams

*I haven’t posted this earlier because I felt it reeked of a patriarchal tone of “how to protect the women from evil men”


R.I.P. Elmore Leonard


Author Elmore Leonard passed away today. For those more visually inclined rather than literately astute may recognize some of the many crime thrillers he penned that have been turned into films such as “Get Shorty” and “Jackie Brown” (based on his book Rum Punch).


Artists We Dig: Tyler Spangler


Photo still from reblogs of Tyler Spangler on

Usually when an artist uses digital or collage to describe their art they’re already at a disadvantage in gaining access to my hallowed “I like your art! club.” One way to overcome this is with whimsy and simultaneous boldness and subtlety. Look for a deeper message. Or not.

Check out lots more of Tyler Spangler at


Have Unions Outlived Their Usefulness?

A Pretty solid video with a great message.


Before Google Image Search

Before the WWW people had to guess as to what animals looked like.