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The Original DC Food Truck

Shorpy always has some great images this one doesn’t disappoint.


Locals Only Bro. No Kooks! (Thrasher Video)

Greatest thing about this video is that these were real tricks and the way we actually skated. Scariest thing about this video, one of the guys looks like the spitting image of a young buck tommy. Oh time, you devil.


Atmosphere “Kanye West” Official Video

As cheeky as the video and song title may be, there’s some real beauty between the lines about relationships.

Slug just did a great interview with Okayplayer and he talks about releasing a hip hop album post turning 40 and what that involves as far as his growth and subject matter. He has this to say specifically about “Kanye West”:

 “Kanye West” is another example of a song where when I first started writing it I was like “Ah, this is cool cause I’m writing a relationship song.” I’ve written a handful of those in my time, you know? But this one isn’t mad. I’m not super aggressive. It’s not coming from someone who’s having a hard time with his love, but instead with the love that I’m trying to talk about. It was love and aggressive but it wasn’t angry. The 25-year old me would have written that same song and it would have been angry. I thought it was so cute that things worked out like that. Cute…there’s a great fucking hip-hop word.

Read the rest, here.


Tuesday Forecast 05.06.2014

People Under The Stairs. Yes. Always classic, always consistent. Speaking of, Atmosphere, I feel like people hating on this album are just mad hip hop can be grown up and that Slug drops grown man raps. He’s not 20 and heartbroken, get over it. Moodie Black’s Nausea will probably also get complaint it’s not boom bap enough. For those peeps, check out Vanderslice instead. Brazilian Bass and Chinese Man’s Groove sessions are for the party as well.

Carrying on, Badbadnotgood’s III is some chill ass hip hop, jazz, lounge. Throw that in with the new Lykke Li and another Brian Eno project. If you don’t find something you like this week then I am sad for you. Real sad. Boom.


Brooks Golden (Jason Brooks) Memorial


(Straight ganked from Oscar Arriola’s Flicker)

Brooks Golden: A Celebration – Sunday, May 4th 5-10pm at the Chicago Urban Art Society, Chicago

We are celebrating the life of our friend and artist, Jason Brooks aka Brooks Golden with a display of his artwork and your photographs and tribute art as well. This Sunday, May 4th, 2014 5pm to 10pm at the Chicago Urban Art Society, 600 W Cermak Rd, Unit 1B, Chicago, IL

If you would like to lend an artwork or drawing of his for the evening’s display, as well as tribute art or photos, please contact Oscar Arriola at fotoflow@… We are also asking for jpgs of any artwork photos or personal photos that you would like to share for projecting on the wall.

We will play his favorite music, which ranged from metal, soul, hip-hop, Morrissey, reggae, and more. Any song suggestions would be appreciated. There will be a mic available beginning at 6:30pm. for sharing stories and tributes.

As a fundraiser, Grime Time Magazine will be re-issuing the shirt design that Brooks designed featuring his drawing of a bat. T-shirts, tanks, and hoodies will be available.

Funeral services will be held the following day in his hometown of Milwaukee from noon to 1pm, Monday, May 5th at Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home, 2157 N 12th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There will be a reception after the services at a local hall. Address for the Milwuakee reception to be announced soon.

This is a photo I shot of a piece Brooks had just finished at an abandoned building in downtown Chicago two years ago in 2012.


Time shifted links

I just made an executive decision: Links will now once again start to go up Saturday noonish, Local Knile Time. Don’t ask.

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