Female Cartoonists Drawing Their Own Body

Common Folk loves art. Common Folk loves women. Common Folk loves people.

A few weeks ago, Buzzfeed actually had a pretty interesting piece about female cartoonists in a male dominated genre (imagine that) speaking and drawing about their bodies and self image. Definitely worth checking out. And while all are poignant and relevent, some are also hilarious.

Check out the whole article, here.

Some of my favorites of the illustrations and quotes:

lianna finck

“I love any excuse to look at naked bodies in a nonsexual context.” —Liana Finck



“We need women’s bodies in our stories, having sex and getting our periods and eating food and doing whatever bodies do, so that the things our bodies do are normalized and present — so that boys don’t grow up thinking women are gross or whores or pigs or any other horrible epithet.” —Lucy Knisley

katie green

“Comics has been the perfect medium for capturing discomfort that is very real but isn’t visible to others… It’s been part of a very emotional process of accepting what my body has been through in pursuit of imagined perfection, and in survival and recovery from abuse.” —Katie Green

“You are asking a middle-aged female if an industry, which traditionally supports and advances the ethos of primarily young white males, has presented challenges to her in the almost 40 years she’s been producing comics. Where do I start?” —C. Tyler


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