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Braille Street Art

At the recent Philly Geek Awards, Sonia Petruse and Austin Seraphin won “Visual Artist of the Year” for their work on Braille street art.


Police use of “non-lethal weapon” kills teenaged artist

Various outlets ranging from the Miami Herald to the BBC are reporting on how police in Miami Beach chased, surrounded, tased, and ultimately killed an 18-year-old graffiti artist, Israel Hernández-Llach, known as “Reefa”. Some of his work can be seen on Flickr, including in the South Florida graffiti pool.


Abandoned structures and ambient sounds, among other things

The Fourth Floor – abandoned places by Julia Wertz
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1xRun Limited Edition Print Runs


(Two recent prints Greg Mike- Identity Crisis & Roger Gastman- Spray Cans)

If you’re ever looking for limited edition prints of low brow, no brow, street, graffiti, progressive, juxtapoz-ish art from up and coming and established artists, 1xRun is a pretty good spot to keep an eye on. They’re based out of Detroit (Inner State Gallery [formally 323East]) and got their head firmly in the game.


Nelson Mandela Tribute By Phil Akashi


Photo from Phil Akashi’s website

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute piece to Nelson Mandela for awhile now (the best idea I’ve had so far for a t-shirt is “A T-shirt Does No Justice To This Man’s Legacy”). Lucky for us, I’ve been beat to the punch in the tribute department. Artist Phil Akashi did a mural in Shanghai of the legend by donning boxing gloves and punching a wall 27,000 times with a Chinese/Taoist ink and the characters 自由/”Freedom.”

Read about the location, technique, and watch video @Good Magazine and the artist’s website.