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Two weeks in a row: Lists & more

10 Commandments of Marijuana Edible Safety
The Top 131 Elephant Jokes
The Top 100 Cards Against Humanity White Cards
Cards Against Humanity: Our Sin In Black And White
Jade Tree records on Bandcamp
Trader Joe’s Prose – reviews of Trader Joe’s foods…
“I Believe In Werner Herzog” explained


Links Are Back

Funny how that happens.

Pop Up Archive:
Your sound, in one place, searchable to the second.
Phish vs. Hip-Hop mashups by DJ Drastic X
TED-O-Matic: create your own talk!



90s Headshots


Musicy links

choir! choir! choir! – Torn
The Gregorian Chants – Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
African Swim (autoplays)
Ghostly Swim
Wendy Carlos – Switched-On Bach
“The Wonder Years – Coming of Age” documentary
humblebrag generator
Helping You Maintain web series(NSFW)


Time shifted links

I just made an executive decision: Links will now once again start to go up Saturday noonish, Local Knile Time. Don’t ask.

Flower power: Fighting the Man with guerrilla gardens
Riot Control mixtape podcast series
Drag balls
Promposal to Marc Summers


A Czech New Wave Film Starts Your Saturday Right

Daisies – Two girls, Marie I and Marie II try to understand the meaning of the world and of their life.
Lituya Bay – Deep Tone/Perseus, some drone from Oberlin
80s PSA about drugs
YCCPDB, a 1-man, 12-persona rap collective