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Self, The Market and the NFL

How you see yourself, a parody.

The Market – “If you can imagine paying 20 bucks for a crappy PB&J because some evil cabal of agribusiness companies colluded to fix the prices of both peanuts and peanut butter, you come close to grasping the lunacy of financial markets where both interest rates and interest-rate swaps are being manipulated at the same time, often by the same banks.”

In honor of the NFL draft and Barkevious Mingo


Stephen Hawking’s Time Traveler Party

Stephen Hawking, arguably the most famous contemporary scientist, despite suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease has, as this video shows, a great sense of humor. Though to be fair it only covers the case of people being able to travel back in time, the case of people traveling to the future was not part of this experiment. You should also check out M.C. Hawking