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Of seatbelts, of Sharpies, of things in your coffees.

You know, not all of my links are things I’ve found in the past week. I have a few favorite Internet WWWeb Site Pages that I revisit from time to time. Remember “Bookmarks” in Netscape Navigator? Who doesn’t!?!? Here follow some of those, and of course some new ish too.

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Pablo Harvey, the Ad That Should Have Been

About a week late and more than a few dollars short, this post might not be the most timely but it’s worth revisiting. The Paul Harvey “God Made a Farmer” Superbowl commercial for Ram trucks. I thought it was arresting in it’s stark contrast to the flash and ostentatiousness of everything else, beautiful photography simply overlaid with audio snippets from a speech espousing the virtues of the American farmer.

Unfortunately, as LatinoRebels point out, it’s not so much what the commercial does show but more what it doesn’t, a more proportionate representation of american farmers. They describe the ad as more of a whitewashed Americana rather than the real “America,” given the fact that 78% of agriculture workers were born outside of the U.S., the vast majority being from Mexico (these are actual stats from the United States Dept. of Labor). The ad does show a picture of some latino farmers, that you’d miss if you blinked, but that doesn’t quite cover the disparate representation. So going off the old adage that if you want something done right do it yourself, LatinoRebels posted some “corrected” remakes of the ad including this one by Cuéntame-

And for even greater irony they add, “You know where Ram Trucks are made? In Mexico.” Check the link for yourself, it’s straight from the Chrysler webpage.


NRA Style Problem Solver

If you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it. Following the lead of the NRA president, I’ve applied the same logic to solving problems. If you have a problem and it needs solving I suggest you check out NRA Problem Solver to find the solution to your problem.


EgoTripLand: Co-opted Xmas Album Covers


Now you know you need to head over to EgoTripLand to check out the rest.


Just Sayin…

On a somewhat related note, my mother, who is a nice, moral, educated, white, christian lady used planned parenthood for (gasp!) family planning and other women’s health related issues. I know, it’s crazy that they don’t actually just hand out free abortions to everyone!

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Steroid Awareness Month

In honor of Lance Amstrong we at Common Folk are declaring it Steroid and Blood Doping Awareness month as such we ask you to don your brown ribbon and show support for getting that extra edge to put you on the top of your game.

Steroid and Blood Doping Awareness begins with you.