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Springtime Linksick

Coffeebot: A new series about introverts, robots, and coffee
Two Buckaroo – Revitalizing the $2 Bill Through Everyday Use
Hard Copy: “Groupies”
The Exciting History and Origin of the Cocktail Umbrella


Stories of Ghosts, of Trains, of Music

Your Ghost Stories
David Lynch: The Factory Photographs Exhibit
Hear Nebraska Sessions: Jake Bellows (Episode 9) (on songwriting, artistic values, and related themes)
Bangladesh Acid Survivors Foundation – 1000 Hobo DJs
Sure Thing, a one-act play
Ishod Wair, a skateboarder sponsored by a cookie store
focus skate mag


Congrats To DcDan And Kelly!

This weekend was a Common Folk Collective wedding/party and big ups go to the bride and groom for wrecking shop (and to their amazing best man, me, of course).



Mysteries & a few other things

Mysteries of the Unexplained – excerpts from a book of the bizarre
Capitalize My Title – a handy tool
“copcar dot com, the largest police car photographic museum in the world”
Green Drop recycling
OverClocked ReMix – Video Game Music Community
Burlesque Dancer Twerks To Beethoven


Same ol’, New ol’

Los Angeles Free Music Society Pyramid Headphones, Welcome Inn Time Machine, Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival
Bastards of the Bestiary: Eight Mythological Too Gross, Sad, Or Monstrous To Be Loved
Outdoor Giants
Fuck Yeah Brutalism
NYC Crying Guide
Best Worst French Kiss
The Real World Consequences of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl
enigma variations
Guante: Smalltalk (Spoken-Word)


Times change

A fresh look at Freedom Wall
NYC Experimental Music Festival Ende Tymes Announces Dates and Lineup
Experimental music on children’s television
Content Creators Coalition
How America’s Musical Tastes Shaped the Next Civil War