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Google Broke My Search History

I use Google to search often and since the advent of tabbed browsing I usually open the first ten results in background tabs. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who searches this way.
Search Results
Often times when working through my problem I realize that I’d like to return to one of the tabs that I dismissed earlier. I would do so by finding it in my history by looking for the page title. Unfortunately Google has broken the page title in your history and now I just see a bunch of redirects.


This should be a list of page titles but is instead a list of redirects.

Fortunately Bing doesn’t exhibit this strange behavior and may soon be my search engine of choice.
Bing gets it right.

Bing gets it right.

Update: My former co-worker pointed out that the Safari plugin Detox will restore things to normal.


A Song for the Weekend

Still ruminating over the new Aceyalone album that dropped this week. In the meantime here’s a more more sentimental joint from Z-trip featuring Aceyalone and Mystic (who disappeared after one album and I have no idea why.) As they say…”Everything Changes.”