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Fred Pharaoh- “Just For Fun” Download

This upcoming Harlem spitta flows over some great jazzy, boom-bap production on his debut mixtape, “Just For Fun” (which is more like an actual album than just a mixtape). Kind of reminds me of Lupe Fiasco when he was first coming up, he’s got enigmatic energy and that hunger in his voice.

Noemie Goudal- Photographer Master Blaster

I’m always trying to think of ways to push photography forward beyond just the reproduction of an image on a 8×10 piece of glossy paper. Usually I hit a brick wall. Then I come across works of obvious genius such as the art of Noemie Goudal. She interjects the flat into the 3-d and vice versa, juxtaposing what was, what could be, or what it will return to be. But most of all it just looks fresh!

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