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Tuesday Forecast: July 22nd, 2014

Hip Hop first: Common. Yep, another one. All I’ve been hearing about Nobody’s Smiling is that it’s got harder lyrics and harder beats and is a response to the violence happening in his hometown Chicago (though many argue the intense violence has been going on and only now is it getting more media attention [because we love violence and there's not enough going on in the world apparently]). I’m afraid it’s his approach to feeling like a respected elder whose voice may or may not hold any weight with the ones caught up in the violence. I just hope it’s not an album sounding like his father’s rants. I’m more hopeful for the Cormega and Large Pro release, Mega Philosopy. Illa Ghee is another one I’m on the fence about, He’s got a gorilla voice (like a gruff Heavy D) with a point blank take on the duality of “urban life”. I feel it’s going to be pretty hit and miss though, he sounds best when he breaks out of the box but still confines himself to trying for the mundane “raise ‘em high and party” choruses.

And the non Hip Hop: Dan the mofo Automator hitting us off with another themed album, this time teaming up with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who he met on the set of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World). Other intriguing releases high on the list are Kidkanevil’s My Little Ghost, Slow Waves by Submerse, and DVA Damas’ Nightshade.

Anyway, get on with it. Boom.