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Tuesday Forecast

Well, honestly nothing here reeeeally getting me excited. But who knows, maybe you’re different. Take it or leave it, it is good to see Angelo Moore from Fishbone still putting out new material. I’ll probably give the Dudley Perkins a few spins too, hopefully I’ve recovered from what seemed to be pretty much monotonous music coming from him. The rest is all stuff I’m not too familiar with and am debating how much time to invest in it. Until next time…



Lent – You Aren’t Doing it Right

Lent. Tell me more about how giving up choclate is like fasting for 40 days in the wilderness

So one of the downsides of Mardi Gras is that people start to discuss what they are giving up for Lent. This picture from the Willy Wonka meme I think sums it up pretty well.
Instead of focusing on 40 days which barely covers 10% of the year, one should instead look to the philosophy of Guy Kawasaki and strive to be a Mensch

  • Help people who cannot help you.
  • Help without the expectation of return.
  • Help many people.
  • Do the right thing the right way.
  • Pay back society.