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Put Blame Where Blame Is Due

Hurricane Sandy Building Collapse 2012 NYC 3793

Photo from Brechtbug on Flickr

Here’s my rant about this building that we’ve all seen and heard so much of; I find it irresponsible to put the blame on Sandy for this. It needs to go deeper than that, it seems obvious to me an incompetent, possibly corrupt, builder/contractor needs to be held accountable.

The facade of a building doesn’t just fall off. And by all means should it stand up to high wind and rain if up to legal code. Look at the buildings on either side of it, how is it the check cashing place’s awnings and vertical sign are still in tack? All the window units for air conditioning? The restaurant canopy?

It just makes me sad that this has gotten so much face time as an example of Sandy’s destruction when there is so, so, so much worse, still, and so much more directly as a result of the storm.

The city needs to investigate and prosecute the rightful party. There are more than enough slumlords in nyc and will continue to be unless they are held liable.

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Disaster Relief

In a tradition started after hurricane Katrina. For the next month if you leave your phone unlocked and unattended we will text REDCROSS to 90999 for your $10 donation.


As Sandy Approaches

Remember to stock up on booze, stay safe and look at Google’s storm porn