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The Insane Clown Posse Sues the FBI

The FBI listed the Juggalos, a source of great fascination for the Common Folk, as gang for no solid reason. The Insane Clown Posse on behalf of their fans have sued the FBI.
Fucking lawsuits how do they work?

Music Video: Insane Clown Posse – Miracles from Robert Gammons on Vimeo.


Tuesday Forecast- New Music Releases

Hip Hop

Some quality Brooklyn boom bap and Chris Stylez who I’m not familiar with but has some good beats and lots of friends.

Romanian Psych/Experimental and some Space/Experimental/Jazz

This right here is just bad ass music from a bad ass Romanian dissident that’s ripe for crate diggers and the masses. Definite. And if you like Yesterday’s New Quintet you should definitely dig these other cats too.

Indie, Electronic, Electro-pop, Whatever You Want

Dangermouse gives Portugal, the Man a helping hand. Stephin Merrit (Magnetic Fields) and Future Bible Heroes deal out some more sappy goodness like it’s crack. And some good ol’ minimalistic electronic is thrown in for when you need to zone.




Check Your Google Glass at the Door

I’m a gadget nerd, I’m fascinated by them and have spent way too much of my disposable income on them. So it pains me to say that I’ll probably never buy into Google Glass and this is why. Google Glass essentially puts an all hearing, all seeing recording device into your house that is connected to the internet. While this is scary in its own right, find the security flaw and a hacker in Russia is now in your house. It also makes it very easy for The Man to skirt around the 4th Amendment and if you think they won’t it’s already a priority.

So in the spirit of Sherman Hemsley‘s (better known as George Jefferson, less known for having an LSD lab in his basement) “Don’t answer the door because it might be the man” sign at his front door. I’m going to have a sign on mine that reads “Check your Google Glass at the door because it might be the man.”