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DC Taxi Cab Protest

Today DC Taxi Cabs are staging a protest by causing traffic slowdowns in D.C.

Their main complaints are about services like Uber and Lyft.

  • Uber will drive people out of NW on weekends
  • Uber does not discriminate by race when picking people up
  • Uber will drive people to SE and not claim they are off duty when asked
  • Uber never claims the credit card machine isn’t working

A local taxi driver, who requested to only be identified as “Schlechter Mensch,” complained “First they moved from the zone system that I could use milk a few dollars out of people who didn’t know better, to the meters which have such high fees Manhattanites think I’m ripping them off. Then I’m not supposed to talk on the phone the whole ride.” He told me while clipping a passing cyclist and throwing a cigarette butt out of the window.

Taxi drivers in DC, whose moral compass ranks right up there war profiteers and oil executives, will likely keep on complaining about this to every unfortunate rider.

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Taxi in the bike lane