Tuesday Forecast: Addendum (Google- Fail)*

*DcDan called me out on this post and my being wrong about Filipino vs. Tagalog (Filipino is the official language). I’ve amended this with a post here, but decided to leave this post in case there was interest in the Homegrown Hiphop album. -thos

There’s an album that I didn’t include in the normal Tuesday Forecast simply because it’s just not really up my alley, it’s an album called Homegrown Hiphop, presumably a compilation of rappers from the Philippines. I was curious enough to listen cuz I always have an interest in non-American hip hop and googled one of the song titles to find its translation and this is what I got-

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.58.32 PM

Alright, I understand maybe not everyone in the world knows that the language of the Philippines isn’t called ‘Filipino’ but this is Google!!! C’mon, step your game up, you are an international giant. By the way Google, it’s called Tagalog. You get that one for free but next time I’m taxing your ass.


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