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Today I Learned – This Land is Your Land

While reading a post on a BBC blog I learned the following:

Tired of listening to “God Bless America” (which he thought unrealistic and complacent apparently), Woody Guthrie wrote and published “This Land is Your Land” in 1945.

I hate the fact they play “God Bless America” during baseball games and I like Woody Guthrie even more now that I know that he didn’t like “God Bless America.” Read a lot of details about “This Land is Your Land” on Wikipedia.


*Tuesday Forecast Addendum- Album Take Down

We here at Common Folk support positivity and people creatively being whoever they are, pushing the boundaries of everyone’s artistic voice. With that being said, it is with good conscious that we remove Jarren Benton’s new album from the Tuesday Forecast for being rife with homophobia and ignorance. I don’t know this man nor am I wholly passing judgement that he’s a horrible person but this hate has reached the limit and just can’t be tolerated. Point blank.

To take a quote “You a bitch, you probably picket for gay rights.”

Well, you got part of it, we’re not bitches but we definitely picket for ALL EQUAL RIGHTS, homosexuals definitely included. I don’t get it, please tell me what’s so bitch about standing up for equal rights?

I can’t even call it infantile because an infant hasn’t yet learned to hate like this and really doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, or sexual orientation. So sad to say homie, but you need to learn a lesson from the babies.


Tuesday Forecast

Well, not a whole lot on the verbal hip hop this week. Pretty much just Jarren Benton, who kind of sounds between early Eminem and Danny Brown, for better and/or worse, not quite sure about it. Beyond there is some hip hop mixed in with the indie, electronic freak out of Blood Orange that I’m kinda feeling. Then there’s instrumental hip hop, electronic, boom bip blap, noise, ambient, out there stuff. Test the waters before you dive in.

 *Album removed


*Jarren Benton’s album has been removed because we don’t condone his homophobia, plain and simple. Read more here.


A Transgender Skateboarder & Borders

Is skateboarding ready to openly embrace a transgender skater?
An Introduction to ‘The Long Way Home’ by Abeer Hoque, photos and poems about travel and a sense of place
The Burning House


Bob Power You There?

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Midnight Marauders (we maraud for ears) here’s a mixtape.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Volume 1

The Good:
Occupy Wall Street pays off debt while teaching a lesson about the credit markets.

The Bad:
If the Bloomberg to de Blasio transition were in another country, the reporting would make it sound as if a dictator was being overthrown.

The Ugly:
Life in prison for petty crimes. I’ll blame Reagan as he encouraged deregulation of large criminals while getting tough on petty ones.