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The Future Is Now


If you’re in Nyc this weekend you should definitely check out what promises to be a dope ass art/music pop-up show curated by No Agenda, Ad Hoc Art, and McCaig-Welles at The Highline Loft, 508 W. 26th Street. Some of my favs will be showing such as Dalek, Maya Hayuk, Cycle, John Breiner, Cern, Mike Giant, Indie 184, Dave Kinsey, Greg Lamarche (aka Sp One), Swoon, Thundercut, Morning Breath, and a grip more of talented mofo’s. There’ll also be a performance by  “revolutionary sound/music/noise group,” Gray.

You can check out some more of the artwork at McCaig-Welles tumblr.


1xRun Limited Edition Print Runs


(Two recent prints Greg Mike- Identity Crisis & Roger Gastman- Spray Cans)

If you’re ever looking for limited edition prints of low brow, no brow, street, graffiti, progressive, juxtapoz-ish art from up and coming and established artists, 1xRun is a pretty good spot to keep an eye on. They’re based out of Detroit (Inner State Gallery [formally 323East]) and got their head firmly in the game.


More Microfiction, the International Space Station, and other stuff for your eyes

Well, eyes and ears. Faces, I guess?

Hal grades your bike locking
Crystal to Blotter
Ask A Bartender
Ugly Belgian Houses
The world’s shortest commercial airline flights
Spot the International Space Station
Lyrics to Biggie’s “Juicy” with illustrations
Ripovisuals, large
Elephantine’s Fiction Friday
OK Go – Say the same thing
SIGGRAPH Technical Papers Preview trailer
What can we learn from superhumans?
Warriors of Goja on an Indian talent show
Jim Rose Circus (NSFW)
80s Video Dating montage
70s fondue party mixtape
Little Julian’s Secret
Everything’s carved from a single piece of wood.


Civilization – What is it?

Was Marina Chapman really brought up by monkeys?
College campuses provide luxuries
Biker-druids, Stonehenge and the Battle of the Beanfield
National Geographic Trove
Modern art has partially been a CIA plot
Cortex – L’Enfant Samba
Permanent Vacation dance scene
bedroom artist(?) Oscar Scheller phones in album cover
the “extra fancy” knob
pocket Etch-A-Sketch hack
F bomb paperweight
Learn To Say F**k You To The World (animated short)
Good Girl Art
Unseen photographs of a legend that never was: Vivien Maier
Patricia Piccinini sculptures
Out of sight out of mind from ACiD productions
Steak, blood, bloody steak, steaky blood
Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Just Won’t Rot


To Protect and Serve

Slate has a great post today about the Boston PD trying to infiltrate the DIY punk scene. The lame attempts to fit in are funny, if not pathetic, but is this really where the police force should focus their efforts?


Map Of The Stars: UK Edition

This is a great concept executed by James Chapman and essential for any fan of music to come out of the UK, which is quite a bit. It always amuses me the amount of times people (myself included) get caught off guard and are like “Wait! They’re from there and not from the good ol’ U.S. of A?! Enjoy.

via LaughingSquid

uk music mapScreen Shot 2013-03-13 at 3.51.12 PM