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SF Zine Fest

znbsfzf poster 2013Fixed

If you’re in the Bay area this weekend definitely slide through and check out some goods, there’ll be more than 140 creators/exhibitors. And it’s free. Check out more @ sfzinefest.org.


Artists We Dig: Tyler Spangler


Photo still from reblogs of Tyler Spangler on commonfolkcollective.tumblr.com

Usually when an artist uses digital or collage to describe their art they’re already at a disadvantage in gaining access to my hallowed “I like your art! club.” One way to overcome this is with whimsy and simultaneous boldness and subtlety. Look for a deeper message. Or not.

Check out lots more of Tyler Spangler at TylerSpangler.com.


The Future Is Now


If you’re in Nyc this weekend you should definitely check out what promises to be a dope ass art/music pop-up show curated by No Agenda, Ad Hoc Art, and McCaig-Welles at The Highline Loft, 508 W. 26th Street. Some of my favs will be showing such as Dalek, Maya Hayuk, Cycle, John Breiner, Cern, Mike Giant, Indie 184, Dave Kinsey, Greg Lamarche (aka Sp One), Swoon, Thundercut, Morning Breath, and a grip more of talented mofo’s. There’ll also be a performance by  “revolutionary sound/music/noise group,” Gray.

You can check out some more of the artwork at McCaig-Welles tumblr.


1xRun Limited Edition Print Runs


(Two recent prints Greg Mike- Identity Crisis & Roger Gastman- Spray Cans)

If you’re ever looking for limited edition prints of low brow, no brow, street, graffiti, progressive, juxtapoz-ish art from up and coming and established artists, 1xRun is a pretty good spot to keep an eye on. They’re based out of Detroit (Inner State Gallery [formally 323East]) and got their head firmly in the game.


Radical Barbie?

normal-Barbie barbie side

I’m sure plenty of you have already seen something about artist Nickolay Lamm re-proportioning a Barbie doll according to the average measurements of a typical 19 year old girl as reported by the CDC. Lots of blogs have been fawning over this art project and Flavorwire went as far as to include it in a piece called  “10 Radical Art Projects That Celebrate Women’s Bodies.” Perhaps I’m being a bit nit picky but I think the project falls pretty short of radical (and it’s the Barbie dimensions that are obviously more true to the definition of radical) in it’s execution. I’m talking shape and form.

Granted there are a lot of 19yr old girls that do look like that and he did use  average measurements, I would argue the majority don’t have their measurements fitting that shape. C’mon, look at that ass, look at that thigh gap (lol). Just cuz you have average measurements doesn’t mean the average shape and form is to follow. Therein lies my issue with this being an average body type. Besides why not do the average of a 25yr old, after some more life experiences, the freshman 15, and body changes?

I digress. I’ll say again that it’s the execution that I think falls short and not the intent. Which in reality could be even worse if it causes girls without this body type to feel like this radical, progressive body image is the real one to measure themselves against. At least with Barbie the measurements were so far fetched that it was easier not to legitimately use as a litmus test.

Regardless, it is worthy of looking at Flavorwire (10 Radical Art Projects That Celebrate Women’s Bodies) and HyperAllergic (Deconstructing Barbie’s Disproportion) for other really dope art projects promoting healthy body images for women of all types.


Bushwick Open Studios


If you’re in the nyc area this weekend be sure to check out BOS (Bushwick Open Studios) for 600+ art shows including this one at Burger it up.

““MODERN GENTRIFICATION”​ features the work of VATO, WAAK STF and MONEL, Three artist’s all from the developing neighborhood of Bushwick. “Modern Gentrification” tackles the controversial issues that come with the gentrification of working class neighborhoods and how it affects its residents. The artist’s will tackle the issue in their own respective style. “Modern Gentrification” will take place at Burger it up Located at 146 Knicerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, Ny, 11237. The show opens this Friday May 31 2013 and will run through the end of June.”