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Tuesday Forecast…Whaaa?

How come no one on my counsel informed me it was Tuesday yesterday?! Blasted. Ah well, I have everyone to blame but myself.

Straight forward Hip Hop: the a-bit-out-there Memphis rapper Cities Aviv. Snowgoons, from across the pond featuring about every rapper to make underground, teenage boy fans wake up with a weird unexpected sticky substance in their drawers.

Left field, Instrumental based Electronica, Hip Hop, Boom Bip, what have you: Bibio, Actress, Clouded Slum.

The rest: some nice bubble gum, indie, girl group Habibi; Singer/Songwriter, Patsy Cline-esque Eleni Mandell (with some clarinet thrown in for good measure), A Plus from Hiero Crew goes a bit experimental with a heavily EDM based record as Compound 7; classic Dum Dum Girls return; a surprise like in the not known to me until now, Hospitality; Supreme Cuts (also from across the pond) get down with a little Electronic, sample, R&B, EDM, Soul, Pop, Funk; and when it’s time to chill, Gem Club.


Tuesday Forecast: New Music Releases

While I’d much rather see the Hot 8 in a second line, eating a hot sausage and drinking a $1 can of budweiser, it’s still great to see Tru Thoughts putting out another of their albums. Kankick is a heavyweight producer that seems like he’ll always fly just below the radar but comes from the same camp as madlib, oh no, and the lootpack. The rest of this week’s releases fall somewhere around the electro-pop-experimental tree. Some I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing.