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Tuesday Forecast…Whaaa?

How come no one on my counsel informed me it was Tuesday yesterday?! Blasted. Ah well, I have everyone to blame but myself.

Straight forward Hip Hop: the a-bit-out-there Memphis rapper Cities Aviv. Snowgoons, from across the pond featuring about every rapper to make underground, teenage boy fans wake up with a weird unexpected sticky substance in their drawers.

Left field, Instrumental based Electronica, Hip Hop, Boom Bip, what have you: Bibio, Actress, Clouded Slum.

The rest: some nice bubble gum, indie, girl group Habibi; Singer/Songwriter, Patsy Cline-esque Eleni Mandell (with some clarinet thrown in for good measure), A Plus from Hiero Crew goes a bit experimental with a heavily EDM based record as Compound 7; classic Dum Dum Girls return; a surprise like in the not known to me until now, Hospitality; Supreme Cuts (also from across the pond) get down with a little Electronic, sample, R&B, EDM, Soul, Pop, Funk; and when it’s time to chill, Gem Club.


Tuesday Forecast

The Hiero crew comes back after a long hiatus with a release that’s chopped and mixed by the Sleeprockers dj crew. Very nice. We also got some blue eyed soul from Mayer Hawthorne, Brazilian funk/jazz remixed, electro/pop/chill/dreamy synths, and of course some hood shit. 2013 ’til infinity.