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Tuesday Forecast Addendum: Hott Lunch

Common Folk homie Hott Lunch just dropped Snacks as a follow up to his Soft Drink release from last year. If you like some etherial electronic with some sticky sweet synths/vocal samples, and 808 trap drums, do yourself a favor and give in.



José Parlá/Brooklyn: Win/Win


Via Manuel Bello at ArrestedMotion

It’s always great to see good things happen for amazing artists and all around good guys. With that, cheers to José Parlá and the Barclays Center on the new 10 ft. x 70 ft. (i.e. LARGE) mural, Diary of Brooklyn, just released over the weekend. Brooklyn is lucky to have such an epic artist that calls it home.

Check out more about the story behind the mural and many more detailed photos @ArrestedMotion.
And of course, José Parlá.


Rebrand Your ‘Hood for Good

Mock up identity for Brownsville, Brooklyn

Mock up identity for Brownsville, Brooklyn

Far be it for me to say a fresh coat of paint and some pretty letters are going to revolutionize a neighborhood but, hey, it’s a start. For one, it shows that at least someone is taking care and taking pride in where they’re from and pride oftentimes has that bandwagon effect. In a positive way.

Probably the greatest example provided in the “Rebrand Your ‘Hood for Good” article, at Good.is, is the ultra-iconic “I heart New York” logo by Milton Glaser (check out my love/hate variation of it, here) which helped jumpstart the city’s revitalization at a time of rocky circumstances. The article also touches on the above mock up for Brownsville (M.O.P., what!) done by SVA students and the story behind Zak Stone who created a city-specific font for Chattanooga to help bolster its “creative renaissance.”

Read the whole thing over at Good.



Writer Highlight- Smash 137

Smash 137 is one of my favorite, prolific graf writers. His letter styles and color combos are so versatile and numerous yet he still completely hones his own style. Props to a true style master.
(Photo: http://causeineedit.wordpress.com)

Smash 137(Photo: Soundwaves on Flickr)
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