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Tuesday Forecast

It’s been a few years since I’ve listened to Black Milk, I just couldn’t get passed the preposterous, ubiquitous “BBBBLLLLLAAAAACCCCKKKKK MMMMMMMILK!!!!” overdub on every single track. Tiresome. But perhaps he’s finally letting his music speak for itself and give it some room to breath. Devin the Dude also had a bit too much output in too short of a time but it’ll be good to hear his voice again after these past couple years. I’m also looking forward to this Prefuse 73 and Teebs collabo under the name Sons of the Morning.

The stand out up and comers of the week though I think will go to L’Orange and Stik Figure as well as Kwes. The City Under the City sounds pretty commanding and another welcome addition to the Mellow Music Group catalog. And Kwes, he’s on some mellowed out, electronic, crooning, good for a rainy day.


Front of the Crates- Tuesday Forecast

Here’s what I’m looking to check out this tuesday. Definitely looking forward to the Blockhead release and the O.C. & Apollo Brown.