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What Does the Face of an Ignorant Dumbass Look Like?

Thanks to the wonderful people at BuzzFeed we get an inside glimpse into the disturbing American subculture of white, educated but not smart, ignoramuses.

This subculture is basically in direct opposition of what America stands for and is actually one time i’m really, really glad NOT to see faces of diversity. Here they are seen holding signs with the ‘reason’ they are voting against same sex marriage.

Even though I’m totally against their bigoted stance, I’m going to give them a tip- if you’re going to be the face of a movement, have a solid leg to stand on. Answering a question with the answer ‘Jesus’ with no other justification is equivalent to answering any question with ‘spaghetti’ (yes, a nod to the FSM). And to the fine young gentleman who said “marriage is . . . not a secular issue,” don’t forget the separation part of the separation of church and state. How is it not secular when a life partner can’t visit their dying spouse in a hospital because it’s ‘family only,’ a time when they need the most love and compassion? And someone had the audacity to mention liberty? Take your advice and have yours your way and let others have theirs, especially when their liberty has absolutely no ill effect on yours whatsoever. You have every right to ‘believe’ we’ll all go to hell, you go right ahead. And we have the legal right to have our own beliefs.

(And just another reason I make an effort to vote)


Free Marriage Offer

To spite the North Carolina amendment. I will, as a legally recognized marriage officiant in the District of Columbia, be offering services for free during the month of May.


North Carolina Amendment 1

I was hoping to be able to say something about North Carolina moving beyond their sordid past but alas they’ve not warranted it. So to the Tar Heel state I say you are a heel and not healing. I refuse to agree to disagree. If you were for Amendment 1, you are a horrible person and I despise you.