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XBox One

The XBox One appears that it might ruffle some feathers and prove an interesting platform but this presentation does a great job of mocking the announcement.


Director of Marketing – Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I’m writing you to apply to be your new Director of Marketing. I know you may currently have a Director of Marketing but over the last several years you have released far too many products with names that are not SEO friendly. I’ll give you Office, Word, Paint, Access, Outlook and Project because those existed before the need for good SEO. The trend started with the release of C# and .NET (a top level domain mind you) continued with Bing and the most recent Surface. I promise that when I take over marketing operations SEO and non-generic product naming will occur before any product naming decisions are made.

As an example you may search with Bing, Yahoo! and Google for DC Dan and note that I’m the first result for each.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

DC Dan


The Surface vs iPad Marketing

I’ve noticed a big difference in the way the Surface (the new Windows tablet by Microsoft) and the iPad are being marketed.

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iOS 6 – Exchange Server Bug

I read about a bug involving iOS 6 and Microsoft Exchange servers. My thought was “People still use Exchange?” In the world of hosted Google mail at $50 a year a person I’m still amazed at the amount of resources people are willing to throw at email and calendars.

They used to say one never got fired for buying IBM, that evolved to one never got fired for buying Microsoft. At my company buying software from the big boys is a firing offense.