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Tuesday Forecast (Now on Tuesday!)

I’m on time this week folks.

Hip Hop: Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) & Oh No (Madlib fam) come through with a collab I’m excited about. MMG put out vol. 2 of their Mandala series that features their damn stellar stable of artists. And while I don’t know Johaz, I know Exile is on point so their Dag Savage project comes with high expectations (they also feature some real dope friends). Young Fathers is another group that pops up here and there that don’t seem to get the glory they deserve but also doesn’t seem like that bothers them much either way.

Alt, Indie, Electro, Experimental, Etc.: Xiu Xiu at it again. And again. Broken Bells (Dangermouse & James Mercer of The Shins) drop their second. Sunn 0)))/Ulver is interesting, real interesting. Bombay Bicycle Club too, with another one. Enjoy.



Tuesday Forecast

Hip Hop

Skipped last week but this week actually has a pretty damn decent bumper crop for hip hop of the not pop-radio, guns and drugs type. Some straight up hip hop and some left of field stuff. And you know Kool Keith is always good for at least an entertaining listen.


Soul, glitch-pop(?), guitars, weirdness, chill electro-funk, and 80s synth. It’s all here.